About RAR

About RAR Therapy

RAR Therapy provides a clinic-based, mobile and online community-based allied health services. We work with children, adolescents and adults with a range of disabilities by years, learning difficulties, chronic conditions and behavioural challenges. We help people get the support they need to be engaged, active and live well.

Our team of qualified, experienced therapists provide a range of health services, including:

Our services are delivered in-home, in-clinic or online. We partner with families, schools, aged care facilities and local clinics to deliver quality, person-centred care to communities throughout Queensland.

Helping you achieve
personal success

Our qualified and experienced health professionals work together to deliver exceptional outcomes.

We create a stress-free and comfortable therapy environment for our clients. With no rush, you can take the time to build a trusting and long-term relationship with our therapists.

Together, we help our clients overcome barriers and develop the skills to achieve their full potential.

At RAR Therapy, we’re passionate about helping every person reach their goals. Regardless of ability
or condition, we can help you live the life you want.


Our actions align with our values and vision


Ready and prepared to go the extra mile

Working together

Supporting each other


Courage, insight & good judgement for innovation

Paving the way for better support

RAR Therapy was founded in 2013 by Occupational Therapists and friends, Kathy Luke and Katrina Pacey. After witnessing the lack of support for rural and remote communities, Kathy and Katrina created RAR Therapy—an organisation focused on delivering flexible and community-based therapy services.

Today, more than 40 staff form part of our organisation, each passionate about ensuring all clients receive the services they need.

We want to reach the unreachable. We want to make a difference in every life, because every life matters.
Kathy Luke

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A team with heart

Meet the team that makes a real difference.

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